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Tropical Fruits

Bananas, pomegranates, selection of seasonal tropicals:

As Singapore is right in the middle of the tropics, we don’t focus as much on tropical fruits because we know there is a huge selection to be had everywhere you turn.

But we do like to stock a few of our favorites, including Australian, and sometimes USA, bananas and pomegranates. We also source a few other selections depending on seasonal availability and what our customers ask us to get for them.

When choosing your bananas be sure to look at the stems where they meet the body of the banana. You don’t want any black marks or blemishes as this means the bananas will mature very rapidly.

Also keep in mind that fruits placed next to bananas will ripen faster as bananas emit a gas that causes other fruits to ripen along with the banana. This is useful if you want an avocado or tomato to sweeten up, but it can also ruin a perfectly good piece of fruit if you are not careful!

For pomegranates we recommend using them over a salad as a delicious sweet and sour kicker, or juice them for the super healthy vitamins they contain.