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Healthy Snacks

We have a wide variety of rice chips (parmesan & sundried tomato, sea salt, wild rice), veggie crisps, blended potato rice corn chips (smoky chipotle, beetroot, tomato-cheese, sweet chili & sour cream, sea salt), rice/nut/chocolate snacks, protein bars, variety of organic and natural popcorns (sea salt, sweet, caramel, BBQ, cheddar, vinegar).

Eating more frequent but smaller portions throughout the day has been shown to be an effective regimen for weight maintenance and a healthy lifestyle.

Snacks are and important part of any daily routine, and while we encourage you to each some of our fresh fruit for a snack, we also stock lots of great alternatives.

Our snacks are chosen with two things in mind – health and taste. We don’t sacrifice either of these two as we believe a satisfying tasty snack can and should be a healthy one too.

Our chips and popcorns are lower in sodium and fat than regular snacks – and most importantly they are super delicious! We’ve tried them all, and are sure you will find a few selections that you will love. We also stock a range of snacks that combine rice, nuts, and chocolate to deliver a great taste that also has balanced nutrients for our active customers.