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Dried Fruits & Vegetables

We carry a wide range of dry/freeze dried/vacuum dried fruit (strawberries, mango, mixed, apricots, chocolate strawberry, dark chocolate banana, apricots, cranberries, roselle flower, kale, kiwi, coconut with chocolates) and vegetables (green pea, edamame, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato, beetroot, mushroom).

Our all natural, gluten free, no preservative range of dried fruits and vegetables are bursting with flavor. The drying process intensifies the sweet and savoury flavors of the produce, giving you a crisp, satisfying snack that still has all the goodness and nutrients of the original.

We find these snacks are a good way to get finicky little ones to eat fruit and veg – they love the crispness and shapes. We usually have samples out on the counter for our hungry shoppers, but warn them that if they try, it will be hard to stop.

One pack is a good snack for a few people, so you can share with your little ones when you get a bit hungry, but we won’t tell if you finish the whole pack!

Dried apricots, Dried US Cranberries,roselle flower , Kiwi Stripped coconut crisps: Original, Milk Chocolate, Dark chocolate