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A new store is underway and we can't wait to share it with you. Please note our City Square outlet will be closing for a brief period of refurbishment on Monday 9th April, 2018 and re-opening in early May, 2018. While we work to bring you a better shopping experience, we hope you shop with us our other outlets located below:   Little Farms Novena Outlet At United Square Mall LITTLE FARMS (NOVENA) #B1-56J United Square Mall 101 THOMSON ROAD, SG 307591   Little Farms Valley Point At Valley Point Shopping Centre LITTLE FARMS (VALLEY POINT) #01-20 Valley Point Shopping Centre 491 RIVER VALLEY ROAD, SG 248371 We look forward to offering more delicious foods and serving you better than before. See you soon! From, Your FARM FRESH FOODS & LITTLE FARMS TEAMS

Farm Fresh Foods have merged with Little Farms and Farm n’ Pantry, committed to provide you with the highest quality and freshest fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, and other groceries at great value with exceptional service. In the future, Farm Fresh Foods stores will operate under the Little Farms’ brand.

Our Second Outlet opened its doors at Suntec City Mall! With 2018 just getting started, we are happy to announce that our Suntec City store is officially open. We have been planning this for a while, and it’s finally happened! You can now get the same amazing quality produce and ingredients right in the heart of the CBD. Do your grocery shopping for your homes throughout the day! If you are looking for a quick grab and go for breakfast or lunch- we’ve also got healthy takeaways options along with gourmet coffee by Sarnies. Do drop by and take a look, we are located at the East Atrium, Level 1

At Farm Fresh Foods we love our spinach for its healthy qualities, great taste, and versatile uses.  Spinach is native to western Asia, most likely originating from ancient Persia (modern day Iran.) In some countries it is commonly called the 'Persian Green.' Spinach is best eaten fresh, as it loses firmness and nutritional qualities with every day that passes from picking. While refrigeration does help to delay this process, after about a week the spinach has lost almost half of its nutrients. That's why we fly in our spinach and keep it cooled in the store, so that you can enjoy the absolute freshest spinach. Spinach is low in calories but packed with vitamins and nutrients. In particular it has a lot of water and fat soluble vitamins and a wide variety of phytonutrients. This means your body can more easily absorb

Bananas are the world's oldest and favorite fruit. In fact they are the fourth largest agricultural crop in the world, trailing wheat, rice, and corn. Globally we consume over 100 billion bananas every year! There are over 1,000 banana varieties, but almost all the bananas we eat today (and the ones we sell at Farm Fresh Foods fresh from Australia) are the Cavendish variety. Nutritious, tasty, versatile, and plentiful, the Cavendish banana is one of the world's greatest foods. However, your great grandparents would be more familiar with the Gros Michel or 'Big Mike' banana, which until the early to mid 20th century was the world's 'top banana'. Unfortunately for the Big Mike a fungus wiped it out almost completely. This is because Big Mike banana plants were grown by planting shoots from other Big Mike plants (rather than from seed).

Broccoli was a cultivated crop in southern Europe sometime before 500 BC. Romans used it as a staple vegetable in their diet, and its popularity subsequently spread across the world from the 16th century onwards as trade routes were expanded. Today broccoli is produced all over the world although it does prefer cooler climates for growing. While there are a few varieties of broccoli, the most common variety is Calabrese broccoli, which is what we sell at Farm Fresh Foods. We source our broccoli primarily from Australia, but sometimes from the USA given seasonal availability. China and India are by far the largest producers of broccoli, but given food safety concerns we do not source from these countries. Broccoli is packed with important vitamins and nutrients. In particular broccoli is known for three health benefits: cancer prevention, digestive health, and cardiovascular improvement.